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Day Two, Done! January 5, 2012

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Well, it’s certainly not a major milestone or anything, but day two of my diet is in the books.  I had a pretty good day, I think.  Here’s how the day went:


Rise and Shine

5:30 AM.  That’s a big deal for me.  I love to sleep.



  • Chocolate chip cookie dough baked oatmeal, which I adapted from the recipe you can find here.  I substituted non-fat yogurt for the applesauce, because in the past, I thought the applesauce added a funky taste.  I actually only made half of the recipe, and baked it in a half-cup ramekin.  I didn’t use any oil, and for the half recipe, I used one teaspoon of mini chocolate chips.  Mini chocolate chips have 25 calories and 1.5 grams of fat for a teaspoon…and it’s worth it. 🙂
  • A hard boiled egg
  • One cup of skim milk
  • One cup of coffee with light creamer


Mid-morning snack

Granola bar



  • The other half of my Beach Club unwich from the day before.  I seriously adore this sandwich.  I don’t even miss the bread.  I think if I put avocado spread on just about anything, though, I’d love it.
  • One serving of Thinny Chips


Afternoon snack




  • Two slow cooker buffalo chicken breast sammies (I’ll get to these in a bit)
  • Pretzels
  • Half a cup of skim milk


Evening snack

A cup of light orange juice.  I bought it because it only had 40 calories per cup, compared to 100 (or more) for regular orange juice.  Big mistake.  I hated it.  It didn’t taste like orange juice.  It tasted like Sunny D, which I really don’t like.  I think I’d rather have half a cup of the real thing.


Daily water consumption

Half a gallon.  I actually was really thirsty shortly before bed (maybe I’m starting to crave water, like I’ve heard tales about), but I was afraid I’d have to get up a million times during the night, so I abstained. 🙂



About 10:00 PM.  One thing I’ll say for getting up early…you’re ready for bed early, too. 🙂  Tonight will likely be a different story, because it’s a class night, and we have a super high-stress merger negotiation, so I’ll probably be pretty high strung by the time I get home and will have to wind down for awhile.


With dinner, I was going to cook some green beans, but we had to head off to church so we were in a rush.  I’m also coming down with a nasty chest cold, so I felt like making things as simple as possible, and everything else was all ready (I know…excuses, excuses!)  The buffalo chicken sammies were AMAZING.  It’s a recipe (or really, a method), that my sister taught me.  We put a pound and a half of chicken breast tenderloins in the crock pot, sprinkled on half a packet of dry ranch dressing mix (which really doesn’t have much in it in its dry state), and then poured on 3/4 cup of mild wing sauce.  I cooked them on low for about 9 hours or so.  By the time I got home, I didn’t even have to shred the chicken…it literally fell apart as I stirred it.  We then ate it on light hot dog buns.  I calculated each sammie to be 190 calores, including the bun.  It made a TON, too.  I had two sammies, The Hubs had two, and Bean had one.  We still had about half of the chicken left.  Leftovers for The Hubs!


So that’s day two in a nutshell.  I’ve gotta say, even though I haven’t started exercising, I’m already feeling like I have more energy.  There’s certainly more pep in my step.  I can tell I’m walking faster, and I don’t feel as run down at the end of the day.  Though my diet certainly isn’t the model of what a perfectly healthy lifestyle would ideally be, it’s certainly VASTLY improved from the “norm” for me.  I’m trying to get going slowly.  If I can find ways to incorporate tastes that I enjoy into my healthier diet, then perhaps I’ll be more prone to stick with it.


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